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sticky~post mark 2 [Feb. 21st, 2022|10:22 pm]

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(no subject) [Jun. 29th, 2011|10:24 pm]
I have a google+ account! It is shiny, you should ping me if you want an invite. I already have a 'fen' circle up and running XD Also, it's organised so I can share stuff with /just/ fen really easily, which might make it actually possible to talk fannish on a mainstream (if still young) social network! what's with that?

This is all!
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(no subject) [Dec. 16th, 2010|04:36 pm]
um. two things! first: goddamit yahoo why can't we have nice things ¬__¬ RAGE. aka if you use Delicious, get ye hence, settings -> export/backup, before all your tags sink like the Titanic.

Second! so the megabus had internet and power, which was awesome! not so awesome: an inch of the case snapped off, bottom right of the screen, all the way to the hinge. Currently Hex is being held together by electrical tape. So. Anyone got any recommendations for good, not-too-expensive netbooks? Because, ow my savings, but also this thing needs to last me as my main computer (I'm assuming the worst, although Hex seems to be alive for /now/) for 1.5 years at /least/. I've heard good things of Acer? Any model recs, or store recs (Chicago area/KC), or other brands?
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mix: music to live by [Dec. 15th, 2010|10:07 am]
a mix to get shit done to; clean all the things!

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(no subject) [Oct. 9th, 2010|12:38 pm]
I learnt to throw diabolo yesterday - that was pretty awesome. And how to do a diabolo cat's cradle, although I need to work on speed. yay spinning things!

So! I am in Chicago now~ And everyone who warned me about the cold? Lies! It was 84 yesterday, is forecast 80 for today and the next three days. And the week I arrived, it reached 90 twice. O_O at this point, I am looking forwards to the snow and howling winds!

You guys, the campus is so pretty. It's all done in the neo-gothic style (it's really weird to see a neo-gothic chapel with a car port), and is massively grand. Also, I have discovered that Americans (all right, people living in the Hyde Park neighbourhood of Chicago) looooove ivy. I'm theorising that it makes them feel like their buildings are Old And Significant? But. I lived in the shadow of Edinburgh Castle for two years, ok, and all I have to say on the subject of ivy is 'Dude. You do realise that's going to make your house fall down, right?'

I'm still trying to sort out a schedule - I kinda signed up for classes, then added an extra class (yay tennis!) then auditioned for music & got in to uChicago's answer to HardCore Choir (three rehearsals a week) & their chamber orchestra, then joined juggling club and math club, and then signed up for yoga lessons on wednesdays. oh and then I auditioned for another choir, still waiting on those results. but this semester is going to be epic!

The dorm I'm in is called International House, and it does what it says on the tin - about half of the residents are internationals of one brand or another. Which means sitting on a table with conversations going on in french, spanish and italian as well as english. \o/

& it is sunny now. maybe I shall go dip my toes in the lake. laters!
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(no subject) [Jul. 19th, 2010|08:49 pm]
[Current Mood |happyhappy]

I can has Beyblade slash - Macey is a happy bunny ^_^

Actually, the only thing more awesome than finding decent lengthy Beyblade slash would be to find decent lengthy Shaman King slash - hmm. Just realised. The two main pairings I followed were Tyson/Kai for Beyblade and Horo-Horo/Ren for Shaman King, right? Horo-Horo and Kai are the same physical type - that is, the artist was clearly inspired by ice. With Kai, I believe it was meant to be in reference to him being russian (since his bitbeast was a phoenix, it seemingly had little to do with visual harmony - although. Tyson's bitbeast matches Kai's aesthetic more than it does Tyson's.); Horo-Horo is Ainu. Ren and Tyson are both more typically Japanese in colouring, with dark hair and eyes. But Ren and Kai have have much more similar temperaments, whilst Tyson and Horo-Horo are both, well, goofy. odd~

Clearly I have too much time on my hands. But nostalgia is fun, ne~? Shaman King was my first ever fandom, back when I was wee and thirteen and we still had dial-up. I might go trawl Amarin Rose's page for old time's sake~
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(no subject) [Jul. 5th, 2010|12:52 am]
[Current Mood |curiouscurious]

It's very odd to suddenly have writing pop back into my head - probably due to a combination of boredom and late nights, but it's still disconcerting. Feels oddly like having imaginary friends.

I know how to re-write Skymetal now - the solution is to un-apocalypse the 'verse and instead have the Great Library also serve as a traveling school - which lets Isabelle be a stowaway and eliminates the rather convoluted need for an underbelly filled with farmland. The plot needs to be rejigged a bit too, with earlier emphasis on the 'kids are disapearing' aspect rather than 'yay let's explore'.

I also want to write something about a girl - tentatively named Evelyn - who can hear the wind's voice. She lives in a village at the base of the moors (modern-day, this world), and spends a lot of her time up there alone - I know where she comes from, how she's built, but I don't quite know what her conflict is yet. It maybe feels like a shorter story than a novel? I need to let this one percolate. Or maybe write the few prequel-scenes that I know of her background.

And then there's the boy who finds an egg which hatches into a cat. (It's a gryffin, really - this is a more magically saturated modern-'verse, and the creatures who've survived have mostly adapted a sort of instinctive glamour for camouflage.) That one feels like more of an adventure; there's something epic in the undercurrents, although I'm not quite sure what. He gains a friend along the way, a dreadlock'd girl who's deeper into the magic than he is - I think she might be either psychic or clairvoyent, or just true-seeing.

There's another project I'm curious about, which is post-apocalyptic - humanity lives in caverns under the sea. There's some sort of mafia connection - a tunnel floods during maintenance work, killing the inspection team, then we cut to an informant telling a mafiosa what has happened. The team leader was either her son or her husband - I'm thinking son, as she's high in the ranks, which implies age. This one makes me want to try my hand at scriptwriting - it's so completely visual that it's difficult to work out how to write in prose.

Hmm. D'you ever feel you aren't alone in your head? ^.^' it really is very peculiar, when my characters start bobbing to the surface like this. I think I should try for the Skymetal rewrite, at least, since the others are in various stages of germination. And this doesn't even include the fic - that hikago magic sequel, the merlin big bang thingy, the post-DrHorrible fixit fic...

Good thing I've got two months (mostly) off?
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(no subject) [Jun. 7th, 2010|08:10 pm]
Why did no one tell me Bones was a vulcan? *flails*

I was reading a girl!spock fic, and there was this line, and then Kirk responded, and I had cognitive dissonance for a moment because whoa, that was the most Brennan-and-Booth piece of dialogue I've ever read. idek. my brain, so speshul.

idk what to write. This is why I haven't been posting; I get, like, three sentences worth of content and then fail out. so. I'm alive, & stuff?
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(no subject) [May. 3rd, 2010|05:27 pm]
Ahahaha oh Heroes 18 - I'm fairly sure I read that fic. Oh /boys/. Oh /show/, for that matter. Really? Your solution to 'how do we redeem Sylar this season?' was to put him in an old Harry/Draco fic with Peter Petrelli? Don't get me wrong, you've been Bringing The Slash especially hard this season, and I approve, but - really?

Also, I'm about ready to stab my brain out with a fork. Oh linear algebra, why must you exist. Oh inf2B, why must your name be so uninformative that I /still/ don't know what you're about. Maybe I should actually go to lectures, then I wouldn't have to slave away over deadly-dull lecture notes when exam time came. But this is Cause And Effect, and I am a Student, so. Not gonna hold my breath.

I'm also on-again with attempting to learn Ruby & help with AO3; it's kind of fun, learning something for the heck of it rather than stuffing things into my head for just long enough to answer an exam. I haven't done that since - oh, Christmas '05, my last exam-less christmas, when I translated & memorised the runes from The Hobbit for lulz. \o/

Still haven't heard back from Chicago re: formal acceptance. I'm eyeing up plane tickets nervously; I can get a flight out for under £400 if I book now, but I can't book 'til I know if I'm going. Also apparently there's a grant for exchange travel available, but it's 'You pay XXX and we'll cover the rest' ? So a cheap flight might not be in my best interests, idk.

btw, imagines, is the thing still being planned for the weekend of the 18th? I'm pretty sure I'll be flying in the 17th whatever happens, but it'd be nice to book everything at once if I'll need train tickets ^_^ keep me in the loop, yo~

I shall leave you with pictures of a dinosaur nomming a kite.

One day I will stop shamelessly exploiting facebook's backdoors. Today is not that day.
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(no subject) [Apr. 8th, 2010|01:15 am]
I have finally handed in my final chicago app of finality! I wrote a kickass essay of insanity awesome! My DoS has my academic record and is gonna write an epic recommendation that will make them ignore the fact that I nearly failed a course last semester THREE PERCENT OMFG did sub-optimally pre-christmas! Yosh!

no seriously if one more person tells me not to worry about this... I'm just saying. my sister is a biologist, yo, I could totally start collecting body-parts in jars.

In the end I got so annoyed with the stupidity of the question that I sort of went 'fuck this for a month of mondays' and wrote something... very me. um. this may-or-may-not be a good thing, since, well, I give you my opening sentences:

"They say that curiosity killed the cat. This is convenient, considering the fact that I am not, as it happens, a cat."

^_^? ^_^?

and then there's the paragraph where I claim that computer science seduced me (me! an innocent and virtuous mathematician!) and then go on to say that I am epic at maths because I am insomniac-al? it's not my fault, ok, five am happens to everyone. right?

... and exactly as I wrote that newton faulkner sings 'close your eyes, get some sleep, it's too late now to change anything' in my ear. shut up, universe, I know, I know, sleep = good.

I have a new firefox theme! It is called 'Save the bees plz!' and it is pretty and awesome and y'all should get Personas (or tell me about your theme(s), if you've already got it).

On the subject of things which are pretty and awesome, I have a girlfriend? She is American but I forgive her that, a physicist (but she does maths! so it's ok! she can be saved!) and together we are going to take over the world with dragons and the LHC, and save all the jelly. or something. \o/
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